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AZ Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM)

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Process for submitting IEPDs for approval

Arizona Information Exchange Document Packages (IEDP) Arizona State Citation IEDP
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Arizona State Citation (individual package files)
Purpose: To create a generic e-citation for the state of Arizona that can be used to transmit Citation data issued in the field to intake systems (IE - RMS systems). The field requirements are be based on what an Officer in the field is required to complete or may know.

Current Status: Version 1.0. No new versions in development at this time.

Agencies Implemented: Arizona Office of the Courts, Coconino County

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State Citation IEPD
State Citation Physical Model
State Citation Spreadsheet Map

State Citation Document Schema

State Citation Extension Schema

State Citation Subset
State Citation Subset with Documentation
State Citation Extension with Documentation
State Citation Sample xml message


NICS Records Improvement Plan
ACJC NICS in AZ Fact Sheet

NICS web-site

Improving the NICS Screening System Report

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Arizona Revised Criminal Statutes
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Records and Information Processing
Records Retention Scheduling Law Enforcement - August 2007
Document Imaging- August 2007
Paperless Office - August 2007
Public Records- September 2007
Open Meeting- September 2007
Records Improvement and Information Sharing Plan 2008 - March 2008
azlerma.org - March 2010
Law Enforcement Records General Retention Schedule - July 2010

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