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Public Meeting Notices & Minutes

In accordance with A.R.S. 38-431.01, Subsection D, audio recordings and other meeting documents from public meetings of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission are available for inspection within three working days after the meeting at the Commission Office (110 W Washington, Suite 230, Phoenix, AZ 85007) during normal business hours of 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. If you would like to inspect a record, please contact us.

To increase access by the public to meeting materials, audio recordings and other meeting documents will be uploaded to this page within three working days after the meeting. Access live meeting broadcasts by going to our Live Meeting Proceedings page.

**Note on Approved Minutes**
Minutes of Commission public meetings are reviewed and approved at the next scheduled meeting of the Commission or its standing committees. Once the minutes are approved they will be added to the minute link for that respective meeting.

Event NameDateAgendaMinutesAttachmentsAudio Recording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting09/25/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
State Crisis Intervention Program Crisis Advisory Board08/01/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Commission Meeting07/12/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
NICS Task Force07/11/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
State Crisis Intervention Program Crisis Advisory Board06/07/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Victims Comp State Level Claim Review05/25/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Commission Meeting05/18/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Crime Victims Committee05/10/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Victims Comp State Level Claim Review05/03/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Drug, Gang, and Violent Crime Control Committee05/03/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting04/07/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting03/24/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Commission Meeting03/16/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting03/10/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Info Tech Committee Meeting03/09/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Crime Victims Committee03/08/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Drug, Gang, and Violent Crime Control Committee03/05/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Victims Comp State Level Claim Review02/28/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting02/17/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting02/03/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Victims Comp State Level Claim Review02/02/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting01/27/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting01/13/2023AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
Joint Executive Legislative Committee Meeting12/14/2022AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording
NICS Task Force12/08/2022AgendaMinutesAttachmentsRecording