Criminal Justice Systems Improvement
Cold Case Clearing House

In 2007, the Attorney General's Cold Case Task Force held several public hearings to discuss cold case issues. The Cold Case Task Force released its final report on Dec. 28, 2007. A recommendation of that report was:


"It is recommended that the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission be asked to continue with the Cold Case Task Force efforts and bring together members from the criminal justice community to facilitate the drafting of such legislation and identifying "promising practices."


As a result, in 2008, the Arizona legislature passed SB 1274, which states that ACJC shall "Compile and disseminate information on best practices for cold case investigations, including effective victim communication procedures. For the purposes of this paragraph, 'cold case' means a homicide or a felony sexual offense that remains unsolved for one year or more after being reported to a law enforcement agency and that has no viable and unexplored investigatory leads."

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