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Available Training Series

Raped or "Seduced"? How Language Helps Shape Our Responses to Sexual Violence
The language we use to discuss sexual violence helps shape our response to it. Legal language is particularly influential in defining how we talk about sexual violence in creating or reinforcing societal attitudes on the issue. This interactive module explores the research on the language we use to describe sexual violence, why that language is important, and how the use of accurate language has a far-reaching impact on societal understanding of and responses to sexual violence. This training is adapted from a webinar presented by the National Judicial Education Program, a project of legal momentum in cooperation with the National Association of Women Judges.
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Introduction to Crime Victim Compensation
This course provides a basic introduction to the State of Arizona Crime Victim Compensation Program. This course is designed to give victim service providers, crime victims, or members of the general public more information on the Victim Compensation Program. Successful completion of this course satisfies the Victim Compensation training requirement for DPS-VOCA grant recipients.
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Victim Compensation Board Member Training
This training course is available to Arizona crime victim compensation program board members only.
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Introduction to the GMS for VA Applicants
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The purpose of this training series is to familiarize applicants to the ACJC victim assistance grant program, with the ACJC Grant Management System or GMS. While the system is the same, the content of the victim assistance grant application is different than the standard application used by other grant programs at ACJC. Because of this, process steps, suggestions, and recommendations included in this training series apply only to the ACJC victim assistance grant application.
GMS Grantee Webinar Training
GMS Training and FAQs

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