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Press Release: Arizona Criminal Justice Commission Releases 2014 Arizona Youth Survey Results 10/31/2014Public Information Office
The Impact of SORNA and PREA Penalties on Law Enforcement Effectiveness in Arizona10/28/2014Public Information Office
Press Release - Arizona Criminal Justice Commission Receives Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Grant9/24/2014Public Information Office
Press Release: Arizona Criminal Justice Commission Receives $500,000 Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant9/11/2014Public Information Office
ACJC 2014 Legislative Summary7/28/2014Public Information Office
ACJC Oped in Arizona Republic "New Law Targets Mental Health Side of Gun Violence"6/19/2014Public Information Office
2013 Legislative Summary10/24/2013Public Information Office
2012 Legislative Summary7/25/2012Public Information Office
Arizona Criminal Justice Commission receives more than $500,000 to improve NICS records9/15/2011Public Information Office
2011 Legislative Summary8/11/2011Public Information Office