Making a Difference in Arizona

Across Arizona, criminal justice professionals work to make a difference in the quality of life for citizens. This includes apprehending and prosecuting dangerous criminals; working with crime victims to obtain assistance and justice; helping inmates kick substance abuse habits and many other tasks. The results of these efforts often go unnoticed outside the criminal justice community.

The documents on this page will highlight some of the success stories of those who have made a difference, including the task forces that remove drugs and violent criminals from Arizona's communities and inmates who have successfully completed drug treatment, including juvenile offenders.

Because much of this success is dependent upon partnerships and funding from the federal government, the importance of that continued relationship is also noted on this page. Several federal grants programs, most notably the Byrne/Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) and the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) grants, have been cut significantly since 2004. The potential long-term impact of these cuts will mean a reduction in service to Arizona's communities: narcotics task forces scaled back or cut completely; inmates needing drug treatment will be turned away; systems upgrades for criminal records programs will be delayed; and fewer crime victims will receive assistance.

Arizona Byrne Facts

Byrne Making a Difference

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RSAT Making a Difference 07

2008 Byrne/JAG Impact Statement

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