Gerald Hardt Memorial Criminal Justice Records Improvement Program (CJRIP) Program Description

The Gerald Hardt Memorial Criminal Justice Records Improvement Program is established to improve the quality, completeness, and accessibility of the state?s criminal justice information systems. Priority is given to those programs that encourage automation and establish uniform procedures for reporting arrests and/or disposition information to the central state repository. Criminal justice agencies are strongly encouraged to integrate and share criminal justice records data with other criminal justice agencies in an effort to increase efficiency and improve criminal justice record data quality in accordance with the Arizona Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (AZ ICJIS) Strategic Plan.

Funding for this program originated in 1992, when Congress initiated a requirement that each state allocate at least five percent of its total Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Formula Grant funds for the improvement of criminal justice records. Though no longer a mandated set aside, the state goals are to work toward achieving completion of criminal histories to include the final dispositions of all arrests for felony offenses and full automation of all criminal histories and fingerprint records.

The Commission is presently making these funds available for multiple grants to be allocated directly to state, county, and local criminal justice agencies for projects that will achieve the goals of the Gerald Hardt Memorial Criminal Justice Records Improvement Program. A twenty-five percent (25%) local cash match will be required for all funds disbursed. The Commission anticipates making multiple grants of up to $100,000 each ($75,000 in federal funds and $25,000 in agency matching cash funds). Grants may be made to any criminal justice agency, including law enforcement, prosecution, probation, courts, jails, or corrections. All projects funded under this program will be for 12 months.

How/When to Apply
The Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC) will post notification for the Gerald Hardt Memorial Criminal Justice Records Improvement Program when it becomes available, typically in late spring. Announcement details will be made available through the ACJC web site at www.azcjc.gov.