Policy Team Agendas and Minutes

Below are the archived agendas, minutes and presentation materials for the ACJC Policy Team Subcommitee meetings. To download the minutes, agendas or presentation materials, find the meeting in the list by date, and select the appropriate download. For copies of current agendas, please visit the calendar of events. For more information, please contact the Commission office at (602) 364-1146.

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agenda minutes present Policy Team Meeting 6/4/2015 CJ Records Strategy Review, 2 FID Pilot Project Update & CJRIP recommendation, NICS Update, Warrant Project, Rule 37/SSA report, CJ Systems Project, ADRS, Legislation Update, CH records.
agenda minutes present Policy Team Meeting 2/5/2015 Warrant Standardization Project, Rule 37/SSA for ADRS and Missing Fingerprint Workgroup Update, 2-FID Pilot Project Update, Legislation Update