Policy Team

Policy Team

The Policy Team is responsible for developing a set of guiding principles for the efficient and effective sharing of criminal and juvenile justice information among users throughout the state. The Policy Team will monitor overall project compliance with established statewide and national policy, information technology standards and initiatives. The Policy Team follows a set of established goals and objectives.

Policy Team Mission

The Policy Committee establishes, directs and supports approved strategies for statewide policy development and deployment of strategic initiatives.

For copies of current agendas, please visit the calendar of events.

Policy Team Governance Structure (approved 03/30/2006)

Policy Team Process Flow Policy Team Process (approved 03/30/2006)

Historical Meeting Information ACJC maintains information from past Policy Team meetings. Visit the Policy Team Archive page to view past meeting Minutes and Agendas.

Criminal History Strategic Plan Policy Team Strategic Plan (approved 03/30/2006)

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Policy Team, please contact Pat Nelson. (send email).