Criminal Justice System Improvement

This program enhances the overall efficiency, accuracy, and timely accessibility to criminal history records and data for criminal justice practitioners at local, county and state levels. This area is supported through National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP) and Criminal Justice Records Improvement Program (CJRIP) grants and works with stakeholders to assess, determine and develop implementation strategies for criminal history record improvement throughout the state. This program area also oversees the forensic crime laboratory and jail enhancement projects.

Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance (Mandatory Fingerprint Process Flow Chart)

Any person arrested for a DUI, domestic violence, or sexual offenses designated in A.R.S. § 41-1750 must provide the arresting agency with a single fingerprint to be eligible to be cited and released. The mandatory compliance fingerprint form provided by law enforcement informs the defendant he/she must provide law enforcement with a full set of ten-print fingerprints prior to appearing in court (Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance Template).

A best practice was developed (Best Practice Recommended Process HB2449) to provide business procedures that agencies may adopt for implementation of the single print requirement. Agencies may need to customize the template or procedure documents to meet the needs of their local jurisdictions.

In order to assess the new legislation's impact, the ACJC Statistical Analysis Center has compiled data from a sample of state law enforcement agencies regarding the new A.R.S. §13-3903.C mandatory fingerprint compliance form requirement. Click here to view the most recent data available.

Forensic Crime Laboratory Grant Program

This program is dedicated to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of full service crime laboratories and medical examiner offices in Arizona. State and federal funding is allocated through multiple grant programs to address DNA backlogs, laboratory capacity building needs, and advance Arizona toward collaborative efforts in implementation of a State Laboratory Strategic Plan.

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