Crime Victim Assistance Program

The Arizona Criminal Justice Commission pursuant to A.R.S. § 41-2407, has authorized the distribution of Crime Victims Assistance funds through an annual competitive grant process. Crime victim assistance grant funds must be used to provide victim assistance services directly to crime victims in Arizona in compliance with Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R10-4-201 through R10-4-204 and funding priorities established by the Commission. The grant application period for the ACJC Victim Assistance Grant Program opens annually the first week in February. Grant proposals are considered from public agencies, tribal agencies, and private non-profit organizations.

  1. Allowable Costs
  2. Restrictions on Use of Funds
  3. Allocation Process
  4. Reporting Requirements
  5. Application Process

Allowable Costs

The Crime Victim Assistance program is established to provide effective victim assistance services to crime victims in Arizona. In accordance with A.A.C. R10-4-204, services eligible to receive funding are:

  • Crisis intervention services for the urgent emotional or physical needs of crime victims, which may include a 24-hour hotline for counseling or referral for victims.
  • Emergency services including:
    a) Temporary shelter for victims who cannot safely remain in their current location;
    b) Petty cash for immediate transportation, food, shelter, and other necessities; and
    c) The temporary repair of locks and windows damaged as a result of a crime to prevent the home or apartment from being re-burglarized immediately.
  • Support services including:
    a) Follow-up counseling dealing with the victimization;
    b) Assistance with other social service and criminal justice agencies;
    c) Assistance obtaining the return of property kept as evidence;
    d) Assistance dealing with the victim’s landlord or employer; and
    e) Referrals to other sources of assistance as needed.
  • Court-related services including:
    a) Direct services or petty cash that help victims participate in criminal justice proceedings, including transportation to court, child care, court escort, meals, and parking expenses; and
    b) Advocate services including escort victims to criminal justice-related interviews, court proceedings, and assistance in accessing temporary protection services.
  • Notification services including:
    a) Notifying victims of significant developments in the investigation or adjudication of their case;
    b) Notification that a court proceeding for which the victim has be subpoenaed has been canceled or rescheduled; and c) Notification of the final disposition of the case.
  • Training for salaried or volunteer staff of criminal justice, social services, mental health, or related agencies that provide direct services to crime victims.
  • Cost of printing and distribution of brochures or similar announcements describing the direct services available, how to obtain program assistance, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Applicants may apply for funding to provide these services throughout the state of Arizona.

Restrictions on Use of Funds

Ineligible Services/Expenses:

  • Crime prevention efforts other than those aimed at providing specific emergency help after an individual is victimized;
  • General public relations programs;
  • Advocacy for particular legislative or administrative reforms;
  • General criminal justice agency improvements;
  • Programs in which crime victims are not the primary beneficiary;
  • Management training and training aimed for persons who do not provide direct services to victims;
  • Victim Compensation provided under A.A.C. R10-4-101 through R10-4-111;
  • Or shelter services provided to the homeless, but not Domestic Violence related.

Allocation Process

Submitted applications will be reviewed by an evaluation team of at least three qualified individuals. Each grant application will be evaluated according to the Crime Victim Assistance Program Rules and the funding priorities established by the Commission. Commission staff will prepare a proposed allocation plan for presentation at the Commission meeting in May. The proposed allocation of funds will be based on the amount requested and the following criteria:

  • Eligibility of services the applicant proposes to provide
  • Submission of application on time
  • Completeness and accuracy of application. All requested information and attachments are provided.
  • Program assistance to victims in filing Victim Compensation claims.
  • Effective and efficient use of volunteers in the delivery of victim services.
  • Problem statement identifies the need for services in the community and is supported by statistical data that directly related to the identified problem.
  • The program adequately addresses the problem in the community.
  • Coordination efforts with other public and private victim service providers.
  • Program’s ability to meet goals and objectives established by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.
  • Measurable outcomes are reasonable and achievable.
  • Mechanisms to evaluate the program are identified and are appropriate.
  • Budget costs are reasonable and allowable. Matching funds are clearly identified and available to the program.
  • Appropriate internal controls are in place to adequately administer the award.
  • Programs previously funded have met the requirements of the grant including timely reporting with no reportable deficiencies during site visits.

Applications will be evaluated in accordance with the following funding priorities:

  1. Continue funding from one grant period to the next for programs with a strong performance history, who meet the minimum required application score.
  2. Funding programs that demonstrate a strong collaborative effort with law enforcement, prosecution, service providers, community organizations, and other social service agencies.
  3. Funding programs that provide multiple service types to a diverse range of victimization types.
  4. Funding programs that demonstrate strong support of established goals and objectives and clearly identify how the success of the program will be measured.
  5. Funding at least one program in each county in the State provided that the program meets eligibility requirements and the minimum required application score.
  6. Funding programs operating in counties with the highest crime rate per capita based on the latest Uniform Crime Report.
  7. Funding programs that demonstrate a strong component of assisting crime victims in filing victim compensation claims.
  8. Annually providing $20,000 directly to the Arizona Victim Assistance Academy.
  9. Funding programs providing services to address an emerging victim issue, or to an underserved victim population, as designated annually by the ACJC.

Reporting Requirement

Funded programs are required to submit monthly financial reports and an annual performance report to the Commission and cooperate fully in any evaluation efforts required. One (1) copy of the most recently completed financial audit must be submitted with the application. An approved program is required to allow the Commission or its duly authorized representative’s access to, and the right to examine, any books, documents, papers, records, or other evidence of activities conducted pursuant to awards.

Application Submission

The grant applications must be completed and submitted using the ACJC Grant Management System (GMS). Detailed instructions on how to access the GMS, as well as application instructions, are available here

A computer-based video training series on the GMS for Victim Assistance applicants is available here

Paper or emailed applications are not accepted. All applications and attachments must be submitted through the ACJC Grant Management System.

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