Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins - brief updates regarding notifications, clarifications or changes that impact federal and/or state grants

Number Name Description Release Date Download/Link
ACJC-2010-001 Discrimination Complaints from Employees or Consumers of ACJC and ACJC’s Subrecipients, Clients, Customers, Program Participants Outlines the procedures for ACJC employees to follow when they receive a complaint alleging discrimination from employees of ACJC’s subrecipients, clients, customers, program participants or consumers of ACJC or an ACJC subrecipient implementing funding from the US Department of Justice. 02/01/2013 PDF
ACJC-2009-001 Payroll Costs - Cash vs. Accrual accounting methods Clarifies the eligibility of payroll expenditures that are paid within the grant period but are for hours worked prior to the grant period 11/9/2009 PDF
ACJC-2009-002 Association of Community Organizations for Release Now (ACORN) Request from Congress and the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs to examine all grant and cooperative agreement records to determine if federal funds, either directly or indirectly, may have been provided to ACORN 11/20/2009 PDF